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This dish is really tasty. Sometimes I split this into two meals by using it as a filling inside a a wrap and then toasting it. Really delicious.

Chicken Laksa
Kaye Ditchfield

Totally divine, light and delicious


Full of flavour & the lamb was super tender! 100% satisfied.

Quite good flavours, bit plain.

Pumpkin, Broccoli and Almond Lasagna
Shirley Jones

Yes the lasagne was good.

Think they forgot the gravy as there was none, bit dry but reasonably tender

Tasty Salmon

Delicious, the sslmon is my favourite good4you meal.

So easy

I would definitely buy this one again! Got the large and cooked some veggies to go with it. Perfect for two people.


The beef in this dish is delicious!

First Timer

Purchased some meals to try. Was not disappointed. Easy to order, great selection, pick up was a breeze. Will definitely be back for more. Such a game changer, more time for me to do what I want, knowing my family is eating delicious healthy meals 👍😁

Colin Ramage

The meals have been very nice good quality and tasty the wife and l are very happy thanks a bit bigger for me be even nicer 😜

Nice but could use more flavour

thanks great service

thank you

Butter chicken

I found the butter chicken exactly the way I like it as it wasn’t too spicy as it can be. Highly recommend this

Oh how to choose a favourite

This Dill and Almond crusted Salmon is one of my favourites from Good4u. Though then there is the Chicken Laksa, oh and then there is... oh and...... Far to many favourites.

Beautiful meal cannot find any fault with it

Roast Beef Medallions
Charles Baker
Roast beef medallions

Excellent meal sufficient amount of vegetables to the amount of meat and quite filling

salmon is always cooked perfectly. This is one of my favourite meals from these guys!

Very enjoyable with great flavour

really enjoying Asian chicken and vegetables with brown rice…would like to have more veggies in dish

Beef Lasagna - Gluten Free
Janette Donnelly

Beef Lasagna - Gluten Free


Delicious and guilt free so good!

Delicious, healthy and a lovely gift for my parents

Thanks We bought a few meals for my folks as a care package after Mum injured her back. It was a lovely (healthy and delicious) way to send some really practical love. Dad, a sheep farmer all his life, commented on how tender the lamb was. Mum loved that they were so easy to reheat and tasty.

We bought another bunch of meals this week too. Thanks for making the process so easy.

Just like a homemade Lasagna

Just fresh, homemade style with quality meat and ingredients.
The Best!!